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Have you received a Fake Corona Virus SMS as their brand promotion?

We are currently facing an unprecedented global phenomenon. The outbreak of Corona virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) – now officially an epidemic – has caused worldwide apprehension, ultimately resulting in lockdowns, travel bans, panic buying and financial market turmoil.
Scammers have also taken notice. Emergencies provide opportunities for thief artists, who conduct fraudulent campaigns, and create an atmosphere of concern. Against the backdrop of a disease that has so far been the cause of more than 4,000 deaths and continues to spread, scammers have wasted time creating suspicious fears or feelings of compassion without fear.
Some cybercriminals clearly feel that all of their Christmas have come at once: an anxious population, the most vulnerable people, the over-demand for goods not in stock, and the mass of misinformation around on social media Is – it is all the same for a big occasion. They are at their most susceptible places, preying on people and attempting to deceive them.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

COVID-19 virus affects different people in different ways. COVID-19 is a respiratory disease and most infected people will develop mild to moderate symptoms and will recover without the need for special treatment. People who have underlying medical conditions and are over 60 years of age are at greater risk of serious illness and death.
Common symptoms include:

  • fever
  • fatigue
  •  Dry cough.

Other symptoms include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • aches and pains
  • Sore throat
  • And very few people will report diarrhea, nausea or a runny nose.

People with mild symptoms who are otherwise healthy should contact their medical provider or the COVID-19 information line for advice for testing and reference. People with fever, cough or difficulty breathing should call their doctor and seek medical attention.

Total Coronavirus Cases:


Total Deaths:


Total Recovered:

*Above all, These figures are generated by WHO ( ” World Health Organization”).

Updated : 2 April 2020, 11:00 GMT+5:30

Current Situation in India?

Total cases:


Total Deaths:


Total Recovered: 148

*Above all, These figures are generated by WHO ( ” World Health Organization”).

Updated : 2 April 2020, 11:00 GMT+5:30

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has imposed a nationwide lockdown in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The restrictions came into force at midnight local time (18:30 GMT) and would be in force for 21 days.
“Modi said,” There will be a total ban on moving out of your homes. ”
He did not appeal to people to panic – but the crowd quickly gathered crowds in the capital, Delhi and other cities.
Correspondents say it is unclear how – or even if – people will now be allowed to buy food and other essentials.

Have you received a fake Corona virus’s SMS as their brand promotion?

While the whole world is avoiding the big problem “coronavirus (COVID-19)”, there are only a few companies that are promoting themselves by spreading less awareness about coronaviruses. But there are some companies that are spreading awareness without promoting their brand.

“Text local”

corona virus

 I received this message from text local

( For Example, Text local is promoting their SMS services at the time where whole world is fighting economically with corona virus. And text local is using corona virus as profit making for their services.  ) therefore, thus


(Gaana is promoting its services at a time where the whole world is fighting the Corona virus financially. And Gaana is using the Corona virus as a profit for its services.)
After receiving these messages and information, one thing comes to my mind that the whole world survived the big disease “Coronavirus (COVID-19)” due to lack of knowledge about low facilities and solutions to fight this virus. Has been People are dying because of this. But these companies are promoting themselves rather than telling people the right solutions for awareness.
But On the other hand some companies are spreading more and more awareness about coronavirus(COVID-19)  without their brand promotion check out the link Telcob, Mailcot, Migomail.
Therefore, kindly please avoid these fake brand promotions and stay at home customer’s safety is our first priority.

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Why Branding Is More Important To Your Small Business

Branding Is More Important To Your Small Business

Are you struggling for branding a small business? Are you trying to increase sales and bring in more revenue? What about building more loyalty with your existing customers? Surely no one is alone in the race to build their business branding
Most of us are in the same boat when it comes to struggling small businesses. Yes, even your contestants struggle. But do you know that most of these conflicts can be fixed or only co-operative branding can be avoided.
Branding Is More Important To Your Small Business

What Is Branding And Why It’s So Important To Your Small Business

Cohesive branding that reflects the heart of your business can go a long way in solving some of the most common problems that small business owners face. I will solve all the benefits in just a moment but first I think I should clarify what branding is, it is a confusing term.
I see new “it” words being formed around the small business world. It has become trendy, but at the same time, I have used it to describe so many elements that it is difficult to know which usage is correct. So, I want to get rid of this confusion.

What Is Branding

Branding is a marketing practices that creates a strong and positive perception for your business. Branding is a marketing method that creates a strong and positive perception for your business. Every company has its own specific name and logo so that we can easily identify the brand of any company. It identifies the company’s products and helps differentiate them from other products and services.
Everything your customer sees hears, and feels (emotionally and physically) is your brand. If you sell products your customers can eat or drink then what they taste is also part of your brand. Your brand is created in the minds of your audience. It’s their perception of what your business is, what it does, and how it does it.
So if your brand is what your audience believes to be true of your business then your brandings are how you, the business owner, influence those beliefs. Your brandings are how you tell your story to your customers to make them feel and believe certain truths about your business.
Branding Is More Important To Your Small Business

How You Influence Your Audience

The ways of influencing your audience vary from business to business but most of us use: –

  • Our Visuals– Logos, icons, patterns, and images are all ways we can use visuals to influence the perception of an audience on our business.
  • Our Services & Foundation– our mission, vision, and values are another way we can influence our audience to feel a certain way about our brand.
  • Words– Blog posts, videos, podcasts, and even advertising copy are effective at communicating with our audience and helps influence their thinking of your businesses.

Why Business Branding Is More Important

Now that you have a good idea of what branding actually is it’s time to learn why it’s so gosh darn important for your small business to be consistent with your branding.

It Tells Your Struggle Story

Every great brand tells a story with its branding. The idea is to tell your story in a way that leaves no doubt in your audience’s mind that you are the best fit for them. Your branding tells your audience who you are, what you do, why you do it, and how your product or service is going to change their life for the better.

It Increases Your Value

Strong branding can increase the value of your businesses by more than just your assets. Your physical products, office equipment, and other assets may add up to $100k but with strong branding behind your business, it could be worth ten times that amount.

Gives You Direction

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Nexahost or a fortune 500 company with thousands of employees you need to have a clear direction for your business. A good branding strategy can give you that direction and keep you on track. Branding gives every person in your business the tools to meet the business’s goals. Your branding will lay the foundation for what you do and don’t do as a business.

Promotes Recognition & Image

Okay, so this is a big one. I haven’t met a single small business owner who doesn’t want their name to be recognizable, like Coca-Cola or Apple. Building a strong branding strategy allows customers to build that recognition. If your branding is unique and appeals to your audience they will without a doubt remember it for the next time.
Branding Is More Important To Your Small Business

Generates Leads & Increases Revenue

All businesses want to make money but to make money you need customers and to get customers you need leads. As a small business owner, you know the power of word of mouth advertising. There’s nothing better than having a client tell a friend or family member how totally awesome your businesses is and how it changed their life. But what happens if your brandings aren’t remarkable and they can’t remember your name? Your branding is what sticks in your customer’s minds long after they have done business with you

Emotionally Connects Your Audience

Everything from your font choices to the words you use will create some form of emotional response from your audience. The goal of your brandings is to give people some positive feels. You want them to become so emotionally invested in your business that they can’t help but to buy from you.

It Sets You Apart From Your Competitors

Every small business has competition in some form, it’s unavoidable. But when you create a unique branding strategy you will set yourself apart from your competition. You will give your businesses it’s own voice and personality.
Your brandings are rooted in the foundation of your brand. Your mission, vision, values, and purpose will all play a huge role in your brandings. Every photo, word, and graphics will convey those messages to your audience and solidify your brand in their minds.
Branding Is More Important To Your Small Business, Branding Is More Important To Your Small Business


Nexahost Provides is a good solid branding strategy that will do a lot for your small businesses. It can increase your revenue and customer satisfaction. It will help build your brand into a powerhouse that’s instantly recognizable. Increase Your business branding strategy With nexahost.
Branding Is More Important To Your Small Business, Branding Is More Important To Your Small Business

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Make Your Website More Responsive

It can also be uncertain whether a commercial website should implement responsive design. Responsive design can help solve a lot of problems for your website.

This will make your site mobile-friendly, the way you view devices with large and small screens, and can increase the time a visitor spends on your site. It can also help you improve your ranking in search engines.
To find out that responsive design on your company’s website is very important and one must also know about the pros and cons before investing in redesign.

What is a responsive web design?


Responsive web design is a way of putting a website together so that it automatically measures its content and element to see the size of the screen on which it is viewed. This prevents images from being larger than the width of the screen and prevents visitors from mobile devices to perform additional tasks to read your content.

The overall goal of responsive design is to avoid unnecessary resizing, scrolling, zooming, or panning to occur with sites that are not optimized with different devices. These sites are often difficult to navigate and may even cost you, potential customers, if they get frustrated trying to do something.

Responsive website design replaces the previous requirement for smartphone users to design a dedicated mobile website. Now, instead of designing multiple websites for different screen sizes. You can design a single website that automatically scales up or down to view the device on which it is being viewed.

Why You Should Invest in Responsive Web Design?


We live in a multi-screen society because more and more devices are viewable for your site because you do not know which devices are used to view your website. Responsive web design suggested that appeal to both desktop and mobile audiences. In 2015 Google announced that mobile-friendliness would become a ranking factor in its search engine algorithm.

Benefits of responsive web design

1. Cost-effectiveness
Maintaining separate sites for your mobile and non-mobile audience can be costly. You can save money by eliminating the cost of paying for a mobile site.

 2. Flexibility

When you have a website with responsive design you can change it easily and quickly. You do not have to worry about making changes on the two websites.
3. Improved user experience
User experience is important for website owners. You want people to like your site and convince them to come back. If someone visits your website on a mobile device and it takes forever to load your photo and it is not in the proper resolution.
4. Search engine optimization gains
SEO is a strategy used by many companies to help promote themselves in Google search page rankings. Responsive design can help with SEO because Google, as mentioned, gives preference to a website that is mobile friendly.
5. Ease of management
Most businesses, especially smaller ones, do not have a lot of time to update or refresh their website. You will never be surprised if you should link a mobile or desktop site to a social media update, or question whether all your redirect links will work to bring the right visitors to the right site.
For more related information, go and check out

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Microsoft OneDrive- How and Why use MS OneDrive?

We all have now entered into the digital world, where everything is related to the Internet. Everything from education to payment done through online.
One question that comes to our mind is, is it possible that we can store our files or data in the internet world so that we can use it wherever we want? And the answer is yes, it is possible that we can save our data on the Internet with the help of Microsoft OneDrive.

What is Microsoft OneDrive?

One drive is a Microsoft product and we can say that it is Microsoft’s cloud storage services. Previously it was known as SkyDrive till January 2014. OneDrive is a digital online place where you can save our data (either file, folder, or document) and easily access it anytime and anywhere. It’s very profitable and we take advantage of it for store, sync, and share. And because of this, sharing and storage activity has become much safer and easier.
Onedrive can be accessed directly from the website or Microsoft’s Onedrive app, so you can use it from any device whether mobile or laptop (Android, IOs, Windows).

Advantages of Microsoft OneDrive

  • It gives 5 GB of storage space free. If you want more than 5 GB of storage space, it has its own plans, you can buy it by looking which is best for you. 1TB storage is free for those who have Microsoft Team ID.
  • You can access the data anytime and anywhere via the Internet when data is stored once in your OneDrive’s cloud storage.
  • It works as a backup. Where you can keep a backup of your important data, there are many reasons for doing this, such as:
  1. If your data is accidentally deleted from the device (mobile, laptop, desktop).
  2. You have stored the data in a hardware storage device such as a Pendrive or CD or a hard disk, and it has become corrupted or data has been removed from it.
  3. You have to go to your business meeting and all the files related to the meeting are in laptop or mobile and forgot to take it.
  4. If the laptop or phone is destroyed due to any reason, and all your files and data are stored in it.
  • Automatic synchronization is one in which you do not need to take a backup manually, it automatically takes backup of files. Backup is mainly beneficial because you can restore your lost files.
  • You can share data with anyone anywhere and share it via the Internet.
  • Your data is very sensitive for you, OneDrive keeps your sensitive data safe and has a personal vault feature to keep it safe. The data is in a secure place, whenever you have to access it, the first thing you need to do is to do identity verification such as fingerprints, PINs, facial recognition, or codes sent to you via SMS or email.

This makes your life comfy and a little load-free. You do not need any hardware to store data. Put data in one drive cloud storage and access, sync, or share data wherever you want.

How to use Microsoft OneDrive?

  •  Installed Onedrive App

Windows 10 already has an OneDrive setup. And if it is not on your mobile or laptop, you can download it from the Google Play Store and use it by Signin directly from Microsoft’s OneDrive website.
Microsoft OneDrive

  • See Plans and Price

If you need more storage space in addition to free storage, you can click on the price and plan options. There are two options for business and for home, buy the one that is right for you.

Microsoft OneDrive

  • Upload File

After setting up your account, then you will come to the dashboard, there is an upload option in the top left, you can easily upload files or folder from it.
Microsoft OneDrive
If you want to understand more properly, you can watch the video, will be understood quickly and well.

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How to Make Press Releases Effective With SEO in 2020

Do you know that press releases can negatively affect SEO if they are not done correctly? Press releases with SEO in 2020 are a way to distribute and announce events to the press. Google defines them as “an official statement issued to newspapers detailing a particular case”.
Typically, they come in written format, but they can also be in audio or video format. Once an event occurs and wants it to become more popular, the best way to do it is to get media attention, quickly and effectively. But how can they do this? Well, the answer is the press release. You write a piece of content that will then be distributed to news publishers who are interested.
However, it is very difficult to attract media attention. This is even more difficult for the editors, who are constantly bombarded with news topics from all directions. They only need to be filtered and curated to publish the best, most interesting news. And this is how press release platforms like VMAYO.COM were created. Instead of sending your press release to news publishers. You issue a press release on one of these popular distribution platforms where journalists and news publishers get hung up to find interesting topics.
How to Make Press Releases Effective With SEO in 2020

How Do Press Releases Help SEO in 2020

Having information about an event published on your company or on major news sites is beneficial not only for your brand, but also for SEO.
How, you may ask? For the most part, it is about backlinks. If news publishers start talking about you, not only can you get backlinks from news sites themselves that hold a large amount of equity, but you can also score a higher number of backlinks from other webmasters who Will read the news.
We all know that building backlinks is one of the most difficult tasks for SEO. Producing high quality backlinks is even more difficult. And I should not even start how hard it is to do all this naturally. They without buying them or using risky tricks like Black Hat.
Well, the press release combines all 3 of the above, providing probably the best link building method available. Why? Okay, this helps you build links quickly. Links are high quality and they are all completely natural and do not result in any penalties.
If done right, of course. If not, it’s a waste of time and it can result in penalties.

Prevent Press Release From Being Spam – SEO in 2020

Instead of focusing on making your business important and better in ways that produce interesting news, people distribute ‘press releases’ to as many press release platforms as possible. Some platforms are free and make money from advertising, so that they have no problem with people coming here and posting ‘free news’.
But even paid ones are full of irrelevant ‘news’ articles. With webmasters asking for hundreds of dollars for a backlink or guest post, press releases are the cheapest way to get some initial backlinks.
These posts go a long way to a press release (because Google likes content more, right?) And is full of keyword-rich anchor text links, which naturally attract penalties.
In this way, the quality of press release websites begins to decline. Very few companies and websites (one of them being VMAYO) still manage to keep the site relevant.
That way, instead of posting a press release just to get a backlink, you will focus on posting a press release that will really catch a reporter’s attention.

Use Nofollow Links – SEO in 2020

You might be thinking to  yourself: “Won’t nofollow links be useless?”
No. I have already written how following backlinks can help improve your website.
Second, nofollow links will only be used on press release websites. It is considering these sites to index their content on Google. Any other links you will receive as a result of a successful press release will be a mix of both nofollow and dofollow links, depending on the internal policies of the websites you link to.

But Why Use Nofollow Links SEO in 2020

The reason is that no-follow links mitigate most of the risks of penalties. Google says that you should not build or purchase backlinks. Since the press release links are either manually created or paid for. Then they should be mindless as per Google’s guidelines.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not necessarily a fan of Google, but if you don’t want to risk anything, this is the right way to go.

Press Release Is Still Worth It in 2020 – SEO in 2020

Unless we dominate some advanced form of artificial intelligence that will monitor our every move, publishers will always need news topics. Without pushing yourself out, there is virtually no chance of gaining any popularity.
Press releases can trigger a chain reaction not only with backlinks, but also with shares and comments on social media. So, as long as we have news, the press release will be useful.
With the SEO community largely distancing themselves from link building, “naturally” press releases became less popular.
However, if you are focusing on the right things that are improving your business, website, services or products and issuing a press release, grabbing a backlink rather than grabbing media attention focused, the press releases are worth it. 2019

Conclusion  SEO in 2019

You do not necessarily have to use the press release platform to make a press release effective. You can also email journalists in person or message them on their social media profiles, such as LinkedIn or Twitter.
The press release in 2020 is useful for SEO and will still be for many years to come. Unless you can misuse their distribution, you can create as many websites as you want, although they are not as popular in the SEO community as they would have been if done properly. A single press release can bring mass results.
For more related information you can check Nexahost.

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Preface of Digital Marketing Tools for Ecommerce Business

Digital marketing tools have emerged as a frontier where ecommerce business brands have carved out their own success stories. A subset of marketing that relies on electronic technologies for its promotion, there are many aspects of digital marketing as its tools are constantly evolving. Digital is a fast-paced platform where anyone has room to increase their brand’s shared voice and industry presence, as well as using tried and tested strategies for consumer engagement. As more and more people hop on the digital wagon, the market niche has become niche with consumer segments that catch the eye of businesses, especially eCommerce business platforms, which today offer a diverse range of products and services .
In a cluttered market, it becomes difficult to stand out and attract the attention of your target audience. Employing sound digital marketing tool strategy will therefore help to attract public attention.

How to Build an Ecommerce Business with Digital Marketing

The ecommerce business relies on increasing smartphone and internet penetration to increase its sales. Also, they also rely on digital marketing tools to generate revenue by increasing brand value.
Digital marketing has to be used to adapt to the shifting trends and create opportunities. It provides the best solution to the problems faced by online businesses. It targets the potential of cyberspace on Internet and digital marketing tools, specifically for the sustainable development of e-commerce businesses.
Ecommerce Business

Business Startups For Ecommerce

Digital Marketing
Today, a digital marketer has innumerable tools available to devise various plans to achieve his goal. Using an innovative amalgamation of these tools, an eCommerce brand can accelerate its growth with maximum return on investment. For eCommerce startups, this makes digital marketing an unbeatable way to achieve success in a short period of time. However, before deciding to use digital marketing tools, one needs to be doubly clear about the purpose of the plan.

Great Example of Nested Bean

Nested Bean Inc. is a success story of how digital marketing tools are used to increase brand value organically. Today, it is one of the fastest growing e-commerce startups in a niche industry of baby products. For the purpose of increasing traffic without compromising the conversion rate. The company decided to promote its pages that teach on child care. He went back to the fundamentals of digital marketing and started with a basic hygiene check, going on blog tags, alt text, link text, canonicalization, keyword cannibalization, and more.

SEO Tools for Nested Bean

Barnacle SEO approach was the second stage in the implementation of digital marketing strategy. Through this method, ranking / content / traffic of trusted websites is leveraged to promote traffic to one’s own website. Nested Bean focused on making your homepage powerful on powerful websites such as ThrowGlobal,, etc.

A Key Driver Of The Digital Marketing Strategies – Google

Google is a major driver of digital marketing strategies as it provides most of the tools that new-old digital marketers do on the bank. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the guidelines and limitations set by the tech giant.
Digital Marketing

Google Indexing

Google lists websites in the rankings, which are determined by the amount and content of the website host. To do more favors with Google’s web crawler. Nest Bean invested in several infographics and videos for its website as well as external platforms. This added credibility to their content, another feather in the cap for the business.

The Need of the Customer Engagement

A market is built on the demand of its customers. A brand that is out of touch with its customers may not achieve any significant growth. Apart from the company’s official blog. Nest Bean decided to invest in building communities for its consumers. Which ultimately increased the company’s engagement with its target audience as well as its SEO finals.
Nest Bean has dedicated and systematically used these simple digital marketing tools for a set period of time. Finally, eCommerce website figures showed a 168 percent increase in website traffic, a 69 percent increase in organic traffic, and a 57 percent increase in transactions. The bounce rate also improved by 8.30 percent.
These numbers are proof that digital marketing tools, when used in an efficient and creative way, can give e-commerce startups the necessary space to grow in the market.
For more related information you can visit vmayo.

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